New Opportunities and New Challenges Need a Fresh Approach

At F A D A, Unity and Recognition will be our Partners in Profitable Growth!



Dear Friends,

This being my first President’s Message, I take the opportunity to thank the F A D A Council, our Past Presidents and each one of you, who have shown immense confidence and have elected me as your New President. 

I feel honored to take charge of this prestigious organization, especially at a time when the Auto Industry is at a cusp of facing multiple disruptions both inside out and outside in. Along with Disruptions and Challenges I also see a Huge Growth Opportunity for Us as Our Nation Heads Towards becoming One of the Top 3 Auto Markets in the World. Along with my team and under the guidance of my Seniors, I plan to Work keeping Unity & Recognition as the central theme to take F A D A to the next level, during my tenure as your President.

Unity is a simple word yet so difficult to practice, but when we face a crisis, we realize the power of being together. This is something which we as an Association have witnessed multiple times during the recent past where we chose to stick together and face issues, head-on leading to favorable results. Our Strength lies in the Unity of Our Pack and going forward, we need to strengthen it further to brace bigger challenges.

We recognize that the Dealership Cost Structures have changed upwards drastically in the past few years and profitability and viability is a very big challenge for the entire community irrespective of the OEM you represent or the vertical you are in.

Along with my Team I will definitely ensure that this is correctly highlighted, and we will engage and discuss with all the Stake Holders of our Eco-system and work towards a Profitable Business Model, one which will help us grow and encash the Opportunities ahead. 

Along with the Viability Challenges, our business has also become very Dynamic and we cannot afford to be cocooned in Todays Times. There will be New Regulations and Policies as India prepares itself to be a Global Leader.

Customer Expectations and Behavioral Trends are Changing as consumerism and digital ease spreads to the rural most corners, Manpower is a challenge as new job avenues open up with the growing Economy. Skilling will also be another Challenge with the Newer Technologies being introduced.

Working Capital needs having gone up post GST will need further inputs as we advance towards New Technology and Higher Competitive Environment. Electric and Hybrid Vehicles, along with Autonomous and Shared Mobility will bring its own Set of challenges in the Future and will need Major realignments of the Dealership Business, especially on the Service Side.

As a Community we need to be Engaged with each other and with other Stake Holders of the Auto Eco System to Understand, Adapt and Adopt to these Fast-Paced Changes to Our Business.

F A D A will ensure that we create Many Platforms where all of us can engage and Work Towards Better Connectivity amongst all our Members.

In the Recent Past, we have been able to Effectively Engage and Ensure Recognition with the Central Government for variety of Issues and have had Reasonable Success. Along with the Centre, the roots of recognition as One Nation | One Association needs to be deeply engraved at State and at every stakeholder level. We have to make sure that all the stakeholders of the Industry recognize that as a community, we are 15,000+ dealerships, operating from 25,000+ set-ups and employ a direct workforce of 2.5 Mn with indirect employment to another 2.5 Mn. We are a huge community. We are also one of the highest employment generators of our Country and are providing it without displacing people from their home locations.

Our Community operates as a retailer, small scale industry, service provider, financial and insurance consultants as well as supporting the Government on a daily basis in implementation of rules and regulations of the Central Motor Vehicle Acts. We are also one of the highest tax collectors and contributors to the Nation’s exchequer.

We are probably the only business community in the Country, which is governed by all rules and regulations which are applicable to a trader, an industrialist and to the service industry and hence face issues which require redressal on multiple fronts.

All of us in the Executive Committee and the Governing Council at F A D A, will work towards making our community strong & future ready and in doing so, continue to be an important contributor in the Nation Building process. We seek your support as we start our tenure and work towards fulfilling the expectations and aspirations of all our members.

Help us build F A D A, which is Your Association into a Stronger Association for the betterment of all in Auto Retail.

Wishing you a very happy and prosperous festive season,

With best wishes,

Ashish Harsharaj Kale

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