White Wins Again as the Most Popular Automotive Colour

White has continued to increase in popularity, topping out this year as the number one colour globally in Axalta Coating Systems’ 63rd consecutive edition of the Automotive Colour Popularity Report. This report looks at automotive colour popularity by global geography and by a variety of vehicle segments.

White overtook silver in 2011 as the most preferred vehicle colour preference. Since then, white has continued to gain popularity on all vehicle types in most regions, while silver has continued to decline. Customers in Asia (41 per cent) and Africa (46 per cent) prefer white more than in other parts of the world.

Since 1953, white has been one of the top five colours during all but three years. Whites have evolved and today they are available in a rich variety of alternatives from stone white solids and vanilla shades, to cool bright whites and pearlescent whites.

After white at 35 per cent, there is a big drop to black, the next most popular colour at 18 per cent. These are followed by silver at 13 per cent, gray at 10 per cent, red at seven per cent, and blue and beige/brown tied at six per cent. At the least popular end of the spectrum, yellow was found on only two per cent of vehicles, green on one per cent, and all other colours on two per cent of vehicles.

While the neutrals of white, silver, gray and black dominate, red and blue continue to be the top colourful choices, with red especially winning over vehicle buyers.

Highlights of what buyers around the world preferred in 2015

World Colours

• At a remarkable 35 per cent, white is the most popular colour on vehicles, marking the fifth consecutive year it has led.

• Silver leveled out after declining for four years and remains at 13 per cent.

• Blue remained steady over 2014, while other rich colours fell off.

North America

• Since 2007, white has been the top colour in this region, totalling 27 per cent in 2015, a gain of two percentage points.

• Blue increased in popularity to a total of eight per cent of sales due to increased use of the colour on compact/sport and intermediate/crossover utility vehicles (CUVs).

• At 11 per cent, no region likes red more; but South America comes in a close second at 10 per cent.

• Axalta’s 2015 North American Automotive Colour of the Year, Radiant Red, reflected the preference of red among consumers in the region.

South America

• At 37 per cent, white is the region’s most popular colour.

• Silver is the second-most popular at 23 per cent.

• Gray, at eight per cent,increased four percentage points from last year.


• Overall colour rankings remained the same compared to 2014. Small changes are evident, as white pearl increased by two percentage points and gray fell by one.

• Blue comes in at nine per cent with much interest in mid-shade blues.

• Holding 21 per cent of the market, no region likes black more.


• Green dropped by four percentage points compared to 2014, one of the biggest declines.

• White umped by six percentage points to 29 per cent.

• Black gained seven percentage points, more than any other colour in Russia.


• India is the only region that reports silver as the top colour. All other regions report white as the top colour.

• Up 11 per cent from last year, white is the most popular colour across the region at 41 per cent.

• In China alone, white gained in popularity by 19 percentage points.

• Region showed a three per cent increase in beige/brown.


• White leads at almost half of all vehicles sold at 46 per cent.

• Green could not do any worse with zero per cent of sales.

• Black and beige/brown remained unchanged from 2014.




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