Enhancing profits is a challenge for every organization. The current economic environment only heightens the need to address this challenge. Through the Profit+ initiative, launched in partnership with Transforma, FADA seeks to assist the dealership community in improving the profits they earn, by bringing to them proven and unique paths to enhancing profit earnings.

A set of 3 workshops: Profit+ - I, II & III, each of a 3-day duration, are scheduled under this activity. The workshops are aggregative: In other words, to be able to learn from Profit+ - II, one must have undergone Profit+ -1.

The Profit+ series aims to help participants:

1. Take away an inventory of the best practices in cost-cutting;

2. Be introduced to breakthrough and proven next-generation frameworks for cost-cutting;

3. Out of interaction with personnel from dealerships that have put to practice these unique frameworks of Transforma, learn of the impact achieved.

The first workshop of Level -1 was hosted in Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh from June 15 to June 17. Speaking on the program, Nikunj Sanghi, President, FADA had this to say: "The FADA-Transforma initiative to launch training workshops across the country got off to a flying start. Within four days of the first formal communication on 31st May, we were booked for more than twice the number of planned registrations."

What was astonishing was that confirmations came in, not just from AP, but from all corners of India. The 23 participants were from dealerships operating in Patna, Ranchi, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Jabalpur, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad and even, Alwar! It is also worth mentioning that three OEMs were represented - Eicher VE, Tata Motors and Piaggio.

This experience gives the FADA Academy a tremendous sense of confidence to launch such programs with greater vigour and commitment.
Participants at the grueling 3-day program worked long and hard to get a firm grip on the framework that Transforma introduced to enable 'Breakthrough Practices in Cost-Cutting'. The demanding nature of the proceedings seemed to only add to the energy levels of the participants, who even after having spent over 24 hours in class by just the second day of the proceedings, had to be ushered out to join in on the program dinner, organized on the top deck of the Gateway.

Ajay Garje, Sr Manager - CBD, Piaggio had this to say about his experience: 'What is so great about cost cutting? It's an easy action to take. Anyone can act on it'. This was the approach or understanding I had before attending PROFIT+-I.

Believe me, this workshop is a paradigm shift. One has never measured cost-cutting on the parameters that the workshop introduced to me, viz. will the cost-cutting lead to competitive advantage or parity, is it strategic or tactical, out of a leadership approach or a managerial one?

For me, it was an eye opener: To calculate the damage of fatal flaws, to classify them under the heads of manifest or latent cost. Measuring these cost on the P&L statement was the true learning. What I gained most: Understanding the real meaning of cost-cutting and more importantly, the true approach towards cost cutting. I would like to thank FADA-Transforma for this workshop. They have raised the bar and we are looking forward to future programs."
Capt Udayan Priyaroop, Director - Sales, Alankar Auto Sales & Service Pvt Ltd (a Maruti Suzuki dealership) from Patna commented, "The program has given me immense exposure to new concepts and perspectives and outlined the urgent need for me to change my style of leadership which were being justified by me as appropriate because of the growth trajectory being targeted by my organization."

Talking about his experience, Punit Poddar, CMD, Premsons, dealers of Maruti Suzuki and Honda 2-Wheelers from Ranch!, said, "This program is a paradigm shift in the way we look at the productivity and efficiency of our manpower. We are so used at looking to performance numbers that we do not relate it to the total potential: Opportunities lost. Also, the quantum of invisible multiplying impact of unsuitable manpower on the profitability of an organization is immense. A course correction shall be a breakthrough cost cutting activity."

Chetan Todi from GNB Motors, Kolkata found the program to be 'A great learning experience that taught us how to look at things in a different way', while Manish Agrawal , Manager - Dealer Development, Eicher Trucks and Buses as also VE Commercial Vehicles Ltd, said: "The workshop on Breakthrough practices in Cost Cutting is an elegant first of its kind program which gears up your vision on the ability to generate more ideas for cost cutting activities. Well defined, well thought over and an eye-opener, with facts available being brought easily to the top of mind, and converted into actions for better profitability."
Sundeep Bafna, MD, FortPoint, dealers of Maruti Suzuki spoke at length of his experience. "I found it a mind-set breakthrough program. It made me realize the quantum of money which one tends to lose because of not taking the right decisions at the right time.

The sessions were interactive and very good; live and related examples were shared within the group of co-dealers. After the theory sessions, the interaction with the staff of a dealership which had implemented these practices made us understand the importance of the whole exercise.

I recommend everybody to attend the program. Anindya and Saujanya from Transforma really grew the program on you. The faculty knows their job extremely well and guided us through the Breakthrough Practices in Cost Cutting."

Prakash Rao, Hony Secretary, FADA had this to say in closing: "The participation in this edition of the Program clearly indicates the desire of the dealer principals to seek inputs for break-through practices that will enable them to handle their dealerships better. This to me signifies an encouraging shift in the thinking at the dealerships - from that of an agency to an enterprise.

What is also notable is the participation of representatives from manufacturers in the Program, which enabled them to get an insight into the learning activities under the FADA-Transforma initiative, as also develop a better engagement with the dealer owners."

In July, Profit* -1 will be offered in different locations in India: in the North, West and South. 


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