Best-Ever Opening Quarter for Audi


With Audi AG’s worldwide deliveries reaching around 369,500 units for January through March, the company improved on the prior-year quarter by 6.8%. In this period, the automotive manufacturer achieved growth in all of its three main sales regions - Europe, Asia and North America. Unit sales in March played a major role in this respect. Audi handed over around 147,700 cars to customers – 3.0% more than one year earlier. This made the past month the strongest March ever for the Ingolstadt-based manufacturer.

Despite the challenging economic environment, Audi achieved a slight increase in deliveries in Europe compared with the first quarter of 2012. Around 187,600 cars (+0.7%) were handed over to their new owners.

In Germany, the sales total for the month of March (24,701 units) was slightly down by 1.7% on the previous year. Over the first three months of the year, Audi reported 59,116 cars sold on its home market, representing a growth rate of 2.0%. The most important model remained the A4 Avant. 11,077 customers were handed the keys to their new midsize car between January and March.

Also in its second-largest market in Europe, the company ended the quarter with a positive comparison to the previous year. In the UK, sales climbed 9.7% to 39,242 units. March results also showed growth, with Audi exceeding the strong prior-year month yet again by 8.0% (24,913 units).

The market conditions remained tight in Southern Europe. In Italy, Audi’s unit sales decreased by 6.4% to 12,096 units in the first three months of 2013, and in France by 8.4% to 14,542 units. In Spain however, deliveries increased slightly by 0.6% on the prior-year quarter, with 10,897 cars sold.

AUDI AG ended the first quarter with a record-breaking start to the year in US, too. The success story of the previous months continued in March. Demand for the Ingolstadt manufacturer’s models climbed 14.4% to 13,253 cars. In total, Audi delivered 34,186 cars in the United States in the first three months, a gain of 16.0%. Growth was particularly driven by the Q5 and Q7 SUV models, which grew by 37.3% and 48.4% respectively.

The company’s flagship model also gained considerably, sales of the A8 rose by 37.3% in the first quarter. The model’s diesel version will be appearing in April, signaling the next step in Audi’s successful TDI drive in the US. The A8 TDI will be joined by diesel versions of the A6, A7 and Q5 over the course of 2013.

Further, countries in the Americas enjoyed double-digit growth in first-quarter deliveries, too. In Mexico, for instance, Audi grew by 48.6% to 2,609 units and in Brazil by 11.1% to 1,157 units.

In Audi’s biggest sales market, in China, the four rings exceeded the threshold of 100,000 units after only three months for the first time in the brand’s 25 years in that market. In the first quarter, 102,810 cars were handed over to Audi customers, a gain of 14.2%. In March, the rise was at 10.7% to 34,864 units. 

Audi also enjoyed a strong first quarter in the entire Asia-Pacific region with around 124,200 cars delivered and a growth rate of 14.9%. Various markets contributed to this progress, like South Korea, where sales were up 31.1%. In Japan, sales grew by 17.4% between January and March, sales in India advanced by 15.3%.

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