Auto Market Size to Triple to 9.3 Mn Units by 2020: JD Power

Car sales in India may be on a downslide at present but global marketing information services company JD Power believes that the total automobile market size will triple to 9.3 million units by 2020.

Driven by enhanced demand as the number of people with disposable income increases, the sector will grow at a compounded annual growth rate of 16 per cent during the period, the market research firm said. 

"We may not see the spurt that we saw in China. India will have a consistent and gradual growth and our estimation is that by 2020 the automobile market in India will triple from the present size to about 9.3 milion units," JD Power Asia Pacific Vice-President and General Manager Geoff Broderick said.

Explaining the factors that will drive the growth, he said: "As India's economy grows, the number of people with more disposable income is bound to increase. Moreover, there will be a sizeable amount of young population, who are going to be potential customers for cars." 

Further, the infrastructure improvement in India will also play a role in the growth of the automobile market. 

"Yes there are short term challenges in India like the high interest rates, inflationary pressures but, in the long term, it has the advantages of having stable government and legal systems," Broderick said. 

"The policies need to be consistent and there should not be any turbulence. For instance, due to ambiguity of diesel pricing many OEMs are unable to fix their plans. Some of them have even decided not to take a decision," JD Power Asia Pacific Executive Director Mohit Arora said.

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